Digital Parenting

Vodafone Uk have published a series of magazines called Digital Parenting. These magazines are full informative articles about staying safe in the digital world. Over 1.5 million hard copies of the last issue were distributed for free. Althoough now out of print all issues are available online.

Paul Morris, Head of Government Affairs & Sustainability, Vodafone UK has this to say about the magazine.


Today, families use a whole range of different devices that allow us to get online almost anywhere, at any time, and communicate with almost anyone using social media.

As parents, we have always had a key role in helping our children build resilience as they grow – and this is as true in the online world as in the offline.

Digital resilience allows children and young people to benefit from the exciting opportunities the internet has to offer while also being aware of how to stay safe when using it, and what to do if something goes wrong.

Please use this new edition of Digital Parenting to begin a conversation and share knowledge with your family as you explore the digital world together.

It’s an exciting place to be and we can all do our bit to help the next generation navigate it safely and make the most of all it has to give.


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