OFSTED and Trust Reports

Below you can find the latest OfSTED report and any other Community Inclusion Trust or OfSTED correspondance.  More historical information is available on OfSTED's own website.
Our Latest "Health Checks" by the Community Inclusive Trust can be found below.
Here is our latest OFSTED:
Here is our latest Health Check:
Isaac Newton Primary School became a sponsored academy on 1st December 2014.  The letter below was sent by the Secrety Of State for Education to confirm this change in status:
Our latest OFSTED report can be downloaded below.  If you would like to look at the school OFSTED history then please follow this link:
If you search for Isaac Newton School then you will find all of the information relating to our school.  Should you wish to look at information prior to our conversion then you will need to click on the "All Providers" tab.