Weekly Wonders!


7th February 2020

We begin this week's update with a taste of Brazil as Year 4 (Class 10) played a Samba concert to their Year 3 (Class 8) peers on Friday afternoon...
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Year 3 have also been busy looking at counting money and sketching drawings, along with making edible soil out of chocolate!
Check out the fantastic building made for homework too!
Both Year 3 and Year 4 are getting excited for their Iron and Stone Age workshops at the beginning of next week as the brilliant sketching continued throughout Lower Key Stage 2
Year 5 have been writing explanations of mountains as their topic continues. They have also been electing their Mini Police officers and exploring different ways of using watercolours.
We caught Class 12 exploring the emotions of characters in their class book for the term on Friday afternoon.
Year 6 have a brand new mountains display in their corridor and are writing their own book reviews in the most inventive manner using a wooden book...
At the other end of the school, reading has been a focus for our Reception pupils...look at all the marbles for the books they have read!
Class 1 and 2 have also completed their Bear Hunt display and watched the video they created for the first time today!
Meanwhile, Year 1 have been getting creative, exploring different ways of making flowers.
And what a week it has been for Year 2, working on tongue twisters, clocks and maps! They have also been very busy at home, making their very own Enchanted Woodlands!